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North American SNJ Texan - Navy WW2
      The AT-6 advanced trainer was one of the most widely used aircraft in history. It evolved from the BC-1 basic combat trainer ordered in 1937.  Between 1938 and 1945, a total of 15,495 Texans were built.  The USAAF procured 10,057 AT-6s.  The others went to the Navy as SNJs and to more than 30 Allied nations.  Most Army Air Force fighter pilots trained in AT-6s prior to graduation from flying school. Many of the "Spitfire" and "Hurricane" pilots in the Battle of Britain trained in Canada in "Harvards," the British version of the AT-6. To comply with neutrality laws, U.S. built Harvards were flown north to the border and were pushed across.
     In 1948, Texans still in USAF service were redesignated as T-6s when the AT, BT and PT aircraft designations were abandoned. To meet an urgent need for close air support of ground forces in the Korean Conflict, T-6s flew "mosquito missions" spotting enemy troops and guns and marking them with smoke rockets for attack by fighter-bombers.

SNJ Texan - Navy "Thunder Pussy"
Yes, that is the name of the plane.  From our Premier Series. 1/29th scale.
18" wingspan by 11.5" length. 
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SNJ Texan - Navy Yellow
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SNJ Texan - Navy Silver
Also from our premier series.  Same size as above.
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