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Lockheed PV-1 Ventura
     The British had great success with the Lockheed Hudson and in September 1939 wanted a most advanced version.  Lockheed responded with a military version of its Model 18 Lodestar twin-engine passenger plane.  The new plane was originally known as the B-34 Ventura.
     After the Pearl Harbor attack, the US military seized all combat aircraft it could get, and immediately ordered 487 Ventura.  264 were taken over by the USAF and 27 by the US Navy, which called them PV-3. Although some US Venturas flew antisubmarine patrols, most were used as trainers.  Some were retained in Canada, and over 100 were delivered to the South African Air Force. The next model was the Mk. IIA,  which had American equipment and guns instead of British, because it was built to Lend-Lease contracts. The RAF received only 25, and 45 were sent to Canada. The balance was again impounded by the USAF, that called these aircraft B-34 Lexington. Most of them were modified to B-34A and B-34B standards, again for training purposes.
   The Navy received its first quantities in December 1942 as the PV-1 (Ventura). In June 1943 the Navy ordered a new version under the designation PV-2 and with the name Harpoon. This version had greater wingspan, increased fuel capacity and improved armament. The PV-2 served primarily in the Pacific theater, and was well-used until the end of the war.


PV-1 Ventura
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