Commercial Airliners
     The advent of modern air travel has drastically changed our world.  Two hundred years ago, it took Lewis and Clark a year to cross the American continent.  Ships took many months to sail to Pacific Islands.  Today,  jet airliners fly coast to coast in only a few hours and to the far corners of the earth in less than a day.
    We are proud to offer the world's largest selection of ready-to-display models of the airplanes that made it possible. All are listed by the manufacture.

Airbus - A dynamic new company that finds niches and fills them.

British Aircraft Company  The Famous Concord and others planes.

Boeing - The giant of the aircraft industry.  Everything from early clippers to modern jets. 

Convair  - Known for military aircraft, but did foray into commercial aviation.

Douglas - Produced some of the greatest planes every made.

Fokker - Germany company with a long record of successful planes

Ford - The auto maker's famous tri-motor of the 1930s.

Lockheed - Airliners from the famous "Skunk Works" that created hi-tech military planes.

Martin - One of the early pioneers.  

McDonald-Douglas - Resulted from merger of two companies.   Now owned by Boeing.

Sikorsky - The man who invented the helicopter also invented first multi-engine airliner

Others - Planes from around the world.   If not listed above, you may find it here.

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