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  World War I
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    Curtis Jenny
    Dehavilland DH4
    Nieuport 17c
    SE5a Scout
    Sopwith Pup
    Sopwith Camel
    Spad XIII
  German Planes
    Fokker DR1
    Aviadik D1
    Albatros D3
    Fokker D7
    Pfalz D III
 World War II
 1971 to date


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Military Airplanes of World War I
Aicraft Encyclopedia of world War I aircraft.  Display models for home and office.
    World War I was the first armed conflict in which airplanes played a major role.  when the war began, it was fought largely between ground forces, but as it progressed, the airplane began playing a larger and larger role.  As the Allies amassed great air strength, they so ably disrupted  German ground forces that the war quickly came to an end.  We are proud to present models of some of the war's most famous airplanes.  See the list at left.       
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