US Army Air Corps airplanes of 1919-1939.  Military Aircraft.  Display Models

    World War I was regarded as the "war to end all wars."  It also resulted in many war-surplus airplanes.  Governments were reluctant to spend money on unneeded aircraft and the advancement of military aviation came to a virtual standstill.  The development of leading edge technology passed to the racing planes and the airliners.  President Roosevelt assigned the Army Air Corps the job of delivering air mail, since it had nothing else to do.  In spite of these things, some new airplanes were developed.
     The 1930s saw militant powers take over the governments of Germany Italy and Japan. As the decade progressed, ominous war clouds rose on the horizon.  Development began on new fighters and bombers.  The  planes listed in this section were developed during that period, but most did not play a major role in the war that followed.  However, many great warplanes were developed during this period - such as the B-17 Flying Fortress and the British Spitfire.  They and the other great war birds of 1939-45 are listed under World War II. 
Boeing P-12  U.S. Army, and F4-B - U.S. Navy 
Boeing P-26 Peashooter - U.S. Army,
Martin B-10 - U.S. Army
Steerman, PT-17 Kaydet - U.S. Army, U.S. Navy 
Fairchild PT-19 Cornell
Grumann FF-1 - U.S. Navy
Grumann F-3F Flying Barrel, G-5 Apache - U.S. Navy 
Curtiss F-9C, Sparrowhawk - U.S. Navy
Grumman J2-F, Duck - U.S. Navy
Gloster GauntletLast biplane fighter in RAF
Bregiet Bre19  - 1922 plane set many records.
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