Military Aircraft of World War II

World War II airplanes - pictures, facts, history, and display models

  On August 17th, 1943, a daring double strike took place against the Me-109 assembly plant at Regensburg and the ball bearing plant at Schweinfurt. As the B-17's of the 4th Bomb Group crossed the Dutch coast, the fighters of JG26, based nearby, commenced a protracted aerial assault but were unable to prevent the ultimate success of the mission. It was one of the most daring raids of World War II, but it was only one of many.  In Europe, the American and British Air Forces continually bombed Nazi Germany.  In the Pacific, the U.S. Navy slugged it out the with Japanese.  In 1944, they turned newly captured islands over to the army and it began firebombing Japan.  
   Many of the planes used in World War II were actually developed in prior to the war, but we have listed them here as it where they gained their fame.
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