Junkers Ju-87 "Stuka"

    The Ju-87 Stuka struck more terror into Germany's enemies than any other for the first three years of WW2.  It was the most famous of all Germans dive bombers.   It was able to dive very steeply at relative low speeds.  It was ugly, sturdy, and instantly recognizable with its inverted gull-wings, and fixed-undercarriage.  It had a crew of 2, the pilot and a rear-gunner. 
It was too slow, unmaneuverable and under armed to fend off fighter attacks.  During the Battle of Britain, it was slaughtered by the much faster allied fighters. The Stuka was withdrawn to attack convoys of tanks and troops which were not so heavily armed.  Its effectiveness in destroying vehicles, fortifications or ships, or just scaring people, was legendary. Its accuracy was extremely high and in could make an almost vertical dive (80 degrees). Once the bomb was released it used an automatic pull-up system to ensure that the plane pulled out of the dive even if the pilot blacked out from the high g forces. From 1942 on the Ju 87G-1 was a dedicated anti-tank aircraft on the eastern front. Over 5,700 Stukas were built.

Junkers Ju-87 "Flying Dragon"
Premier Series.  1/30th scale.  18" wingspan x 14.5" long.
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Junkers Ju-87 "Afrika Korps"
Premier Series.  1/30th scale.  
18" wingspan x 14.5" long.
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Junkers Ju-87 "Black Ghost"
Standard Series.  1/32nd scale.
17" wingspan x 13.5" long.
  No. AERAD-ST.  Only $129.95
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