Messerschmitt Bf-110
  The Bf or Me110 was a heavy, twin-engine fighter, designed as a fighter-bomber, bomber-interceptor, and escort fighter. Its use as an escort fighter during the Battle of Britain was disastrous because it was not sufficiently maneuverable in a dogfight with a Spitfire or Hurricane. Even the rear gunner didn't help, the agility and eight machine guns of the Allied fighters mowed them down easily. This experience initially gave the Bf110 a poor reputation. However, like many other aircraft, it had only to find a niche for itself. It developed a good record as a fighter-bomber and especially as a night fighter for bomber interceptions. It carried an impressive armament, including oblique firing cannons (developed under the code name Schrage Musik) used to attack bombers from below without having to fly towards the bomber. A long series from B to G, were developed. Late in the war production rates increased as serious weaknesses with it's successors, the Bf210 and 410 were discovered. Around 6100 were built.

Messerschmitt Bf-110 - "Wolf"
From our Premier Series.  1/30th scale.  22.15" wingspan by 16.15" long.
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Messerschmitt Bf-110 "Wasp"
From our Premier Series
1/30th scale.  22.15"wingspan x 16.15" long.
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Messerschmitt Bf-110 "Wasp"
From our Deluxe Series
1/32nd scale.  20"wingspan x 14.85" long.
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