Junkers Ju-88

   The German Ju 88 fighter-bomber was one of the most versatile airplanes of WW II. It began it's career in 1936, but by 1939 it had been developed as a fast (dive-)bomber and reconnaissance aircraft, and later was used as a torpedo-bomber, a night fighter, a heavy day fighter and an anti-tank aircraft. The first fighter conversions of the Ju 88 were very similar to the bomber versions, with only modifications to the nose and a gondola under the forward fuselage to accommodate radar and guns.
     The later Ju 88G was a specialized fighter with the tail of the Ju 188. The aircraft remained a formidable opponent throughout WWII. 10,774 built, of which no less than 104 prototypes and experimental versions.  Many were still  in use when the war ended in 1945.

Junkers Ju-88
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Junkers Ju-88
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