Messerschmitt Me-262 "Swallow" 
  The Me 262 "Schwalbe," ("Swallow") was the world's first operational turbojet aircraft. First flown as a pure jet on July 18, 1942, it proved much faster than conventional airplanes. Development problems, Allied bombings, and cautious Luftwaffe leadership contributed to delays in quantity production. In late 1943, Adolf Hitler agreed to mass production, but insisted the aircraft be used primarily as a fighter-bomber. On July 25, 1944, an Me 262 became the first jet airplane used in combat when it attacked a British photo-reconnaissance Mosquito flying over Munich. As a fighter, the German jet scored heavily against allied bomber formations. The bombers, however, destroyed hundreds of Me 262s on the ground. More than 1,400 Me 262s were produced, but fewer than 300 saw combat. Most remained on the ground awaiting conversion to bombers, or were unable to fly because of lack of fuel, spare parts, or trained pilots.
The Jumo motors tended to flame out if the throttles were advanced too quickly, making for sluggish performance during take-offs and landings. The Allied pilots flying Mustangs and Spitfires discovered this quickly and frequently attacked the jets on landing.  The Mustangs and Spitfires were also much more maneuverable than the Me-262, so that Allied pilots adopted the tactics of waiting until an Me-262 was committed to a dive before pulling a High-G turn to avoid the attacker. As a bomber it was limited by it's payload (1,000 lbs) and by Hitler's edict that it remain above 13,000 ft due to the highly sensitive nature of it's engines. He was afraid that the inevitable losses of fighter-bombers at low altitudes would provide the Allies with a functioning jet engine.
In all about 1,200 were delivered to the Luftwaffe although many more were made. Many were destroyed on the ground waiting for engines or fuel or were captured as Allied troops advanced into Germany.

Messerschmitt Me-262 "Swallow" 
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Messerschmitt Me-262 "Swallow" 
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