Messerschmitt Me-163 "Komet" 
     The German Me 163 was one of the most unusual aircraft of World War II. Fortunately, its potential impact was minimized by technical problems and the small number produced.
     "Project X," the secret code name for the proposed tailless interceptor, began in 1937 under the direction of Dr. Alexander Lippisch. The intent was to develop a high-speed, fast-climbing defensive fighter by using a rocket engine. The first Me 163A prototypes were tested in 1941, but powered flight testing of the more advanced Me 163B was delayed until August 1943 by engine and fuel problems. Although the Komet's rocket engine gave it a phenomenal climb rate, range was severely limited by its high fuel consumption. Furthermore, the hazardous fuels used were extremely volatile and sometimes exploded without warning, killing a number of pilots.
     Production Me 163Bs were not ready for operational use until July 1944. The Luftwaffe planned to have small units of Komets dispersed to intercept Allied bomber formations, but only 279 Me 163Bs were delivered by the end of the war. The sole operational Komet group, JG 400, scored 9 kills while losing 14 of its own aircraft.

Messerschmitt Me-163 "Komet" 
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Messerschmitt Me-163 "Komet" 
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