Short S.25 Sunderland
   The Sunderland was a flying boat, developed for general reconnaissance.  It was developed from the S.23 "Empire" or "C-class" flying boat, the flagship of Imperial Airways. The S.25 first flew on 16 October 1937. The first operational squadron was fully equipped with Sunderlands by December, 1938. 
    In 1940, British shipping came under constant attack by German U-boats.  Once the United States entered the war, ship convoys were attacked by the submarines, acting alone, but more often in wolfpacks.  The Sutherland patrolled the approaches, or flew convoy protection missions. The two were often combined, with the Sunderlands meeting the convoys at some distance in the ocean. When an U-boat was sighted, the Sunderlands tried to attack it before it submerged. Although described as "depth charges", its bombs were set to explode at a depth of 25 feet to 30 feet, effective enough against surfaced submarines. Late in the war, the submarines were well-armed with Flak and willing to fight it out, while zig-zagging on the surface. In response, the Sunderlands were fitted with four fixed, forward-firing guns, to silence the Flak. The confrontations were extremely dangerous for both the Sunderland and the U-boat. Sunderlands also attacked small surface ships. They were later used in the Pacific War.


Short Sunderland
From our Premier Series.  1/72nd scale.  19.2 wingspan x 14.5" long
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Short Sunderland
Deluxe Series.  1/72nd scale.
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