Avro Lancaster
   The Lancaster bomber holds a special place of affection mingled with a great deal of pride in the hearts of British and Commonwealth citizens--feelings which perhaps find their parallel in the hearts of Americans toward the B-17 Flying Fortress. Just as the Spitfire epitomized the Commonwealth's supreme spirit of defiance in the face of seemingly irresistible defeat, so the evening sight and sound of streams of Lancasters "heading out" toward the heartland of the German Reich was the ultimate translation of a war weary people's will to see the Nazi military and industrial machine--the source of colossal suffering for so much of the world--battered into oblivion.  Lancasters destroyed the Moehne, Eder and Sorpe dams in northwest Germany causing major flooding of the vital Ruhr Valley industrial area. This spectacular venture, and the sinking of the German battleship Tirpitz in a Norwegian fjord in 1944, are the best known of all the exploits of the Lancaster, yet it was their ceaseless nighttime bombing of German industrial centers and cities that did most to end the war.
     The first Lancaster flew in October, 1941.  A total of 7,366 were built.  Some were still flying with the RAF in the early 1950s as maritime-reconnaissance, photo-reconnaissance and rescue aircraft.


Avro Lancaster
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Avro Lancaster
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Avro Lancaster
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