Hawker Typhoon
    The Typhoon was the heaviest and most powerful single-seat single-engine warplane at the time of its design. It was to be pressed into operational service before it was fully developed and, in consequence, acquire a worse reputation among its pilots than that of any fighter preceding it. It was fated to be rarely employed in the interceptor role for which it was originally conceived. Yet, despite its vicissitudes, it was to blossom into one of the most formidable weapons evolved during the Second World War; a close-support fighter that was to turn the scales in many land battles and upset many conceptions of land warfare.

Hawker Typhoon
From our Premier Series.  1/26th scale.  18.5" wingspan by 14.5" long
  No. AEG20-PR.  Only $169.95
Hawker Typhoon
From our Deluxe Series.  1/24th scale.
21.15" wingspan x 16" long.
  No. AEG2D-DX. Only $139.95
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