Dehavilland Mosquito
    The famous British Mosquito--known to many as "Mossie"--was a versatile aircraft used extensively during World War II. Constructed primarily of plywood with a balsa wood core, it had excellent speed, altitude and range. First flown on November 25, 1940, the Mosquito entered production in Mid-1941 and was produced until well after the end of the war. Almost 8,000 Mossies were built in Great Britain, Canada and Australia. Although best known for their service with the Royal Air Force, Mosquitos were also used by several U.S. Army Air Forces units for photo and weather reconnaissance, and as night fighters. It served in Europe, the Middle and Far east and on the Russian front. In fact the Mosquito reigned supreme among General Purpose types; and of the grand total of 7,781 Mosquitos built, 6,710 were delivered during the war years.


DeHavilland Mosquito 
From our Premier Series.  1/44th scale.  18.5" wingspan by 14" long
  No. AEG7D-PR. Only $169.95
DeHavilland Mosquito FB.VII
From our Standard Series.  1/32nd scale.
20.4 wingspan by 15.25 long.
  No. AEG7D-ST.  Only $139.95
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