Lockheed S-3B Viking

     The Lockheed S-3B Viking is a jet aircraft, used in the detection and attack of submarines, and as an armed scout in the anti-surface role. Extremely versatile, the aircraft is also equipped for tanking, mining, and limited electronic surveillance.  It carries a crew of four, including the pilot, copilot, tactical coordinator (TACCO), and sensor operator (SENSO). Given the nature of its mission, it is appropriate that the S-3 has a tremendous fuel capacity and efficient engines, which enable it to stay on station for as long as it takes to find the lurking subsurface threat. The sound of its engines are often compared to that of a vacuum cleaner, hence its nickname, the "Hoover."
     Modified from the earlier S-3A Viking, the S-3B's high speed computer system processes information generated by the acoustic and non-acoustic target sensor systems. This includes a new Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR) and ESM systems suites. To destroy targets, the S-3B Viking employs an impressive array of airborne weaponry. This provides the fleet with a very effective airborne capability to combat the significant threat presented by modern combatants and submarines. Additionally, all S-3B aircraft are capable of carrying an inflight refueling "buddy" store. This allows the transfer of fuel from the Viking aircraft to other Naval strike aircraft, thus extending their combat radius.
     For the antisubmarine mission, the S-3 is equipped with acoustic sonobuoys and a tail-mounted Magnetic Anomaly Detection (MAD) system, along with an impressive collection of antisubmarine ordnance. However, the S-3 also has impressive surveillance capability, in the form of a sophisticated ESM (electronic surveillance measures) suite and an inverse-synthetic aperture radar. Both of these tools allow the S-3 to collect electronic intelligence invaluable to the battle group. In addition, S-3B "War Hoovers" have also been cleared to carry the AGM-84 Harpoon, giving the Viking an anti-surface capability to match its sensors. Finally, because of their high endurance, S-3s are used as tankers, carrying "buddy packs" that enable them to transfer jet fuel in-flight.

S3B Viking
Standard Series.  1/72nd scale.  
11.75" wingspan x 9" long.
  No. AFPCD-ST.  Only $109.95


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