Grumman E-2C Hawkeye 
      The Control of an aircraft carrier's airspace is vital. Each of the US Navy's supercarriers is equipped with four or five Grumman E-2 Hawkeye airborne early warning and control aircraft.  They provide radar coverage around the carrier battle group to provide a warning of possible threats and the exact locations of possible targets.  This role is similar to that of the Air Force's E-3 AWACS.  The Haweye can provide its operators with raw data; the AWACS provides computer-generated, processed information.
     The Hawkeye is easily identifiable. It is the only propeller-driven plane serving aboard US Navy carriers, but above all it has a huge radome to house its radar antennas. The current E-2C is fitted with the advanced APS-139 radar system. Each aircraft's system operators can monitor up to 600 air and surface targets up to a range of nearly 350 miles and with passive ESM systems can extend the detection range to beyond 700 miles.  The E-2C offers some advantages over its larger Air Force cousin, the E-3 AWACS.  
     The Hawkeye normally carries a crew of five, including the pilot, copilot, Combat Information Center Officer (CICO), air control officer, and radar officer. Driven by a pair of fuel-efficient Allison turboprops, it can remain on station for up to six hours. Its avionics suite includes the powerful AN/APS-125 radar, whose antenna is mounted in the trademark "pancake" dome on top of the aircraft. The Hawkeye also includes a collection of sophisticated sensors which enable its CIC crew to analyze and classify up to 600 contacts over land or sea. The stated coverage of a single E-2C is roughly three million cubic miles.  The E-2C+ upgrade includes radar improvements, software upgrades, and more powerful engines. Further plans include upgrading the whole E-2 fleet to Block I and II status, which mean a new radar (APS-139 and APS-145, respectively) and overall improved processor capability. There currently is and will continue to be one squadron of four Hawkeyes in the carrier air wing.

E2C Hawkeye
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