Petlyakov Pe-2 - Soviet Union
     The Pe-2 was one of the most important Soviet aircraft of the Great Patriotic War.  It was designed by an imprisoned team to be a advanced high-altitude fighter, but there was no need for such an aircraft, so it was converted into a very good and fast light bomber.
    German armies invaded Russia in the later summer of 1940.  After initial delays caused by the attack, the plane went into full production.  Six months later, the Pe-2 was being turned over to combat units to fight the German Luftwaffe.  The first models had problems with the ammunition feed system to the ventral gun, which often jammed.  Luftwaffe pilots quickly discovered the weakness and shot down many of the Soviet planets.  The problem was quickly fixed.  Another problem was the light bomb load.  The three bays could hold only six.  Four more were added externally.  The Pe-2 saw combat throughout the war and remained in service many years thereafter.  No less than 11,427 were built.

  Petlyakov Pe-2 
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