Ilyushin IL-2M3 - Soviet Union
     A heavily armored ground-attack monoplane, the Il-2M3 was the backbone of the Soviet ground-attack units in WWII.  Its deadly efficiency originated not only from powerful weapon, but also from unprecedented (and for years not overcome) armoring of all vital elements: pilot cockpit, engine, cooling system, internal bomb bays. Other earlier and contemporary aircraft (with few exceptions) had armor as a addition to the airframe, and suffered from its passive weight. As Shturmovik pilots skills grew with time and more efficient tactics (the circle) was developed, losses went down considerably. During 1943 only 2.8% were lost during missions, despite 50% of the aircraft returned to the bases with some damage.  90% of the damaged Il's were repaired at the front - thanks to simple design and armor protection of all vulnerable parts. There were serious ground crew complains against wooden wing sections: enemy shells make holes like 1 square meter... and it takes too much efforts to fix!  What other aircraft of this class can claim such a 'complains'? 

Ilyushin IL-2M3  
From our Premier Series.  1/32nd scale.  16" wingspan x 13" long.
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Ilyushin IL-2M3  
From our Deluxe Series.  
1/28nd scale.  18" wingspan 14.34" long
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