F4U Convair - France
  In  production longer than any other U.S. fighter in World War II (1942-1952) with 12,582 built.  ,Built around a powerful 2000 hp, double-bank radial engine, the distinctive feature of the F4U was the inverted gull-wing that provided less drag in flight, allowed for shorter landing gear to accommodate an oversized propeller, and enabled the wings to be folded directly over the canopy with room to spare on the hangar deck. The were used by the French.   

Corsair F4U-1A  - French Air Force
From our Premier Series.  1/28th scale.  14" wingspan by 14" long.  Loaded with weapons.
  No. AEW1D-PR.  Only $194.95
Corsair F4U-1A - French Air Force.
Same design as above, but from our Deluxe Series.  1/32nd scale.  12.25 wingspan by 12.25"
  No. AEW1D-DX.   Only $149.95 

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