Pfalz DIII

     The Pfalz DIII appeared in 1917. It was a biplane fighter, the design of which owed much to the L.F.G. Roland D I and D II. The one shown above was captured and is shown with English roundels. The Pfalz D III was not a very good fighter, but it was well-behaved and its monococque fuselage was strong. About 600 were built. The Pfalz DVIII was developed in 1918 as a replacement for the DIII. It is reported that handling was good and climb rate high, but that the undercarriage was weak. It was considered to be inferior to many aircraft of the day and was not an important aircraft for the Germans. Only about 40 were built, with only a few used in combat.  The DXII model (shown below was accepted by the German high command for production in 1918, and 500 were ordered. But the DXII was completely overshadowed by the Fokker D VII. It was disliked because of its sluggish response to the controls, which could be deadly in a fighter aircraft. About 800 were built.  
     The National Air and Space Museum has  Pfalz DX on display.  

Pfalz D-III Fighter
Deluxe Series.  1/20th scale.  18.5" wingspan x 14" long.
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