Grumann EA-6B Prowler
      The EA-6B Prowler’s primary mission is to protect fleet surface units and strike aircraft by jamming enemy radars and communications. The Prowler has the ability to passively detect enemy radars without making its own presence known. The Prowler can carry up to five tactical jamming pods which allow it to effectively degrade enemy radars. The Prowler also carries a High Speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM), which provides the capability to destroy enemy radars.  It also has the capability to track and destroy radar sites with the High Speed Anti Radiation Missile (HARM). 
      The Prowler saw duty late in the Vietnam war, in joint strikes on Libyan terrorist-related targets in 1986, and proved their worth in Operation Desert Storm. It is said among aviators that no one wanted to fly over hostile territory without a Prowler along to provide the "electronic shield".
        The Prowler became operational in 1971.  It is a four-seat derivative of the highly successful A-6 Intruder medium attack bomber. There have since been numerous upgrades.  The aircraft has a maximum speed of .86 mach or 630 mph at sea level. 
      There are currently nineteen Prowler squadrons in the military: four in the Marines and fifteen in the Navy. There are four "Expeditionary" squadrons manned by both Navy and Air Force personnel which deploy to overseas bases as a replacement for the EF-111. The Marine squadrons are stationed at Cherry Point, NC. The Navy has fourteen squadrons based at NAS Whidbey Island, WA, and one permanently deployed in Atsugi, Japan.

EA-6B Prowler - US Navy
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EA-6B Prowler - US Marines
Premier Series.  Loaded with weapons.
1/48th scale.  13.35"wingspan x 15" long.
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EA-6B Prowler
Standard Series.  1/48th scale.
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