Space Shuttle
    Officially designed the "Space Transportation System," (STS) America's current space workhorse consists of three components: a large external tank to hold fuel; two solid rocket boosters; and the Orbiter, which is the space vehicle that holds the crew.  The term "Space Shuttle" applies to the entire system, but is often used to identify just the Orbiter.
     Once the Moon Race had been won, NASA sought Congressional approval for an STS as the first step to establishing a permanent space station.  The Space Shuttle would be used to ferry people and supplies; it would function as an orbiting scientific laboratory; and provide the  means the place satellites in orbit, then later repair and recover them.  Approval was granted in 1972 and the first flight occurred in 1981.
     The Orbiter looks much like an airplane and is about the size of a DC-9 jet airplane. Total height is about 184 feet, about half that of the  tall, slim Saturn V rocket; Wingspan is about 78 feet.  With the exception of  its windows the entire Orbiter is covered with insulation to protect it from the heat generated during reentry. On the underside, where reentry heat is extreme, there around 23,000 individual ceramic coated, silica fiber tiles that prevent it from being incinerated over the course of dozens of reentry's.
  Unlike other rockets before them, which lifted off slowly and seemingly reluctantly, the Space Shuttle leaves the launch pad within three seconds after ignition. A thrust of almost six million pounds is delivered by the solid rockets with over another million pounds created by the main engines.  About two minutes after liftoff, the solid rocket boosters burn out and falls away.  About eight minutes later, the larger external tank separates and falls away. 
Space Shuttle Discovery
Premier Series.  1/100th scale
9.75" wingspan x 14.25" long.

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Shuttle with tank and boosters
Premier Series.  Premier Series. 1/146th scale.
6.5" wingspan x 16" long.
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Shuttle with tank and boosters
Standard Series.  1/100th scale.
9" wingspan x 25" long.
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Standard Series.  1/200th scale.
4.5" wingspan x 11" tall.
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Space Shuttle
Standard Series - 3 sizes.
Large - 1/100th scale - 9.25" x 14.5"
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Medium - 1/144th scale - 6.25" x 10"
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Small - 1/200th scale - 4.5" x 7.25"
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Space Shuttle with Working Doors
Standard Series.  1/200th scale.
12" wingspan x 14" long.
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Shuttle on Boeing 747-200
Standard Series.  1/200th scale.
9.25" wingspan x 14" long.
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