Apollo Command Capsule & Lunar Lander
  Apollo Command Capsule & Lunar Lander Set
The Apollo command module carried the crew.  One of them remained in the module, maintaining it in earth orbit and providing communication with Mission Command back on Earth.  The other two astronauts flew the lander to the moon's surface.  The lander was made so that it could be positioned by the command modules (see above left), but was turned around, feet outward, for boarding.  The lander provided to be far more versatile than expected.  When the ill-fated Apollo 13 command module suffered an explosion, the three astronauts use the lunar lander as a lifeboat, permitting their safe return to earth.  The above model is of the Apollo 11 vehicles, the ones that made the first moon landing.  They can be snapped together in either position, easily unsnapped, then snapped into the other position..  1/48th scale.  5.75" x 14"
No USM90-ML. Only $229.95

Individual Units

Apollo Command Module
1/48th scale.  3.5" x 9"  Comes with own base.
  No. USM90-CM.  Only $139.95
Apollo Lunar Lander
1/48th scale.  5.75" x 5.5".  comes with own base.
  No. USM90-CL.  Only $159.95
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