About our Aircraft Models

All models come with display stands

Cut and shaped to exact tolerances
Pre-assembly to insure fit
Meticulously hand-detailing
Great to Display


     Our Premier, Deluxe and Standard Series aircraft models are all made of high-quality Philippine Mahogany.  This is the same fine-grained wood used in quality furniture.  Each part is individually cut and carefully shaped by hand.   All parts are made of mahogany, including propellers, wheels, external fuel tanks and rockets.  No plastic or other cast materials are used.   


The term "scale" refers to the size of the model in relation to the original.  A 1/32nd scale model is 1/32nd of the size of the original plane.  For example, if the airplane has a 32 foot wingspan, then the model will have a 1 foot wingspan.  
Standard Series - These models are sized to conform with the standard scales used by the manufacturers of plastic model kits.  They are 1/24th, 1/32nd, 1/48th, 1/72nd, 1/100th and 1/200th.
Deluxe Series - Often, but not always, built to standard scale.  In general, a Deluxe Series model will have a larger scale than a standard series, which results in a larger model.  For example, the Standard series model may be 1/72nd scale and the Deluxe Series plane may be 1/48th scale.  
Premier Series - These models are scaled to provide a large showy model that will fit comfortably on a desktop or shelf.  This usually results in non-standard scales, such a 1/28th, 1/37th, 1/55th, etc.  


    After carving, all of our mahogany models are coated with sanding sealer and sanded.  The process is repeated several times to insure a satin-smooth surface for final coats. 
Standard Series - These models receive 2-3 coats of finish paint plus 2 coats of top sealer.  Detailing consists of aircraft features and national insignia.
Deluxe Series - These models receive an extra coat of finish plaint and an extra coat of top sealer.  More details are added.
Premier Series - These models receive a great many coats of both finish paint and top sealer.  The number varies from aircraft to aircraft.  This results in the surface of painted airplanes (such as U.S. Navy planes) appearing to have more depth.  Aluminum skins look more realistic.  These planes are often highly detailed, often faithfully recreating a famous original airplane.  


    In general, the models from our Standard Series are the least expensive and those from our Premier Series are the most expensive.  This is because costs are based on the size of the model and the amount of detailing that goes into it.  When ever possible, we give you a choice of series.


     All of our models are exceptionally well made, so it really depends on what you want.  If you plan on displaying several airplanes together, it may be best to stick with the Standard and Deluxe Series as you may be able to get all of them in the same scale. This also applies to those who wish to display their models along with ones made from plastic kits.  
    On the other hand, if you want to display a model on your desk or only one or two on a bookshelf, or if it is to be a gift to someone who is really important to you, then we recommend the Premier Series.  They are the best!

All models come with display stands

New Hi-Tech Series

     Our new Hi-Tech Series models are cast from high-density resin, often as one piece.  It is then sanded, sealed and painted as described above.  So far, this technology has only been used to produce some of the new commercial airliners, as they have very simple shapes.  Special techniques, such as silk screening are used for some details, such as the painting of dozens of windows, which is very time and consuming and difficult to do by hand.  These are highly attractive models and are more durable than than the mahogany ones.  This makes them especially suitable for public display and they are widely used by airlines, ticket offices and other professionals.  Generally, these models are all 1/100th or 1/200th scale. 


     All of our models are easy to maintain.  The only required care is dusting.  We recommend a soft cloth so that you won't scratch the carefully painted surface.  We use old T-shirts.  Our models are made of wood and wood will break, so handle them with care.  Don't drop them.  When moving, pack them carefully so if the box is dropped or thrown, they won't get broken.  Just use a little common sense and your model will provide you with many, many years of enjoyment.   
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