Saturn V Missile

    The Saturn series of launch vehicles were large-scale rockets developed for NASA's Apollo lunar landing program. This type of rocket was originally proposed by Wernher Von Braun in 1957, who at that time was assigned to the Army Ballistic Missile Agency (ABMA). Following its establishment in 1958, Von Braun and other U.S. Army scientists were transferred to NASA, with the Saturn rocket development program subsequently becoming a NASA endeavor.
    The initially developed Saturn I adopted cluster of 8 engines essentially the same as used in the
Jupiter rocket.   Test firing of the Saturn I began in 1961. From 1966, the Saturn IB was developed, incorporating the hydrogen fuel J-2 engine for the rocket second stage. In 1968, this rocket was used for the first manned flight under the Apollo Program, placing Apollo 7 into Earth orbit. The Saturn IB version was also used to launch the manned Skylab 2,3 and 4 missions in 1972 and 73, and for the Apollo-Soyuz Program carried out jointly with the Soviet Union in 1975. 
     Saturn V was developed to carry the Apollo spacecraft into lunar orbit. At 104 tons, the rocket payload was roughly 4 times that of the Space Shuttle. Saturn V development commenced in 1961 with formal government approval of the Apollo program. In order to launch what at that time would be the largest rocket ever, a special rocket assembly facility and No.39 launch complex was newly constructed at the Kennedy Space Center. The first test launch of the Saturn V took place in November 1967. In December 1968, the third Saturn V to be launched sent Apollo 8 around the Moon. The sixth Saturn V launched on July 20, 1969 propelled Apollo 11 to the Moon for the first successful manned landing on the lunar surface. The Saturn V rocket was used for subsequent Apollo missions to the Moon. With termination of the Apollo program after the Apollo 17 mission, however, three Saturn V rockets out of the total of 15 produced remained unused. Of these, one was subsequently used to carry the manned Skylab 1 (space station) mission into space. The remaining two unused versions of the Saturn V are now on display to the public.
Saturn V Missile with Apollo Capsule
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