Noorduyn Aircraft
    After realizing that no existing aircraft was designed for the rugged conditions of the Canadian north Robert Noorduyn designed a basic bush aircraft in 1934.  The prototype aircraft, Mk1 registration CF-AYO, made its first flight in Montreal in 1935.  The sturdy Norseman was the first Canadian-designed, Canadian-built aircraft to be sold extensively outside Canada, serving in a score of countries around the world.   When the World War II began, the Norseman proved itself equally adaptable to the transport purposes of the world under arms.  During 1942 a modernized version of the Norseman was accepted by the U.S. Army for utility transport purposes, on wheels, skis and floats. When the contract was terminated in 1945, 759 Norsemen had been delivered to the U.S. forces.  A total of 903 were produced.  The Norseman was one of the most popular and long-lived planes ever built.  It is still a favorite of bush pilots.
     The company was sold to Canadian Car, but in 1953, the Canadian Department of Transport declared that any airplane design more than 10 years old was obsolete.  Aircraft were becoming increasingly expensive to develop and competition was fierce.  Bob Noorduyn and several of his old associates purchased back the Noorduyn license and reorganized the business.  It was permitted to complete the five new fuselages then under construction and provide maintenance and spare parts for the existing planes.   In the mid-sixties, with a change in market demands, the company shifted it's efforts to manufacturing aircraft interior components.     
Noorduyn Norseman Mk-IV
Premier Series.  1/30th scale. 22" wingspan x 13" long.
  No. APK0D-P2.  Only $219.95
Noorduyn Norseman Mk-IV
"Austin Airlines"
Premier Series.  1/30th scale.
22" wingspan x 13" long.
  No. APK0D-P1.  Only $219.95
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