Galaxy Aircraft
   Galaxy Aerospace was a joint venture, formed in 1997, of the Hyatt Corporation and Israel Aircraft Industries Ltd..  It was headquartered at Alliance Airport in Fort Worth, Texas; and had approximately 450 employees.  In 2001, it became part of General Dynamics' Aerospace group, which includes Gulfstream Aerospace. As part of the purchase, it acquired the Astra mid-size twin turbofan business jet and the Galaxy, the first aircraft in the super mid-size class, which entered service in January 2000, well ahead of its competitors. The Galaxy has the longest range and largest cabin volume in the super mid-size aircraft category. General Dynamics will continue Galaxy Aerospace's relationship with Israel Aircraft Industries. In this arrangement, both aircraft models will be assembled by Israel Aircraft Industries in Tel Aviv, Israel, and flown to Fort Worth in a "green" configuration; General Dynamics will design and install custom interiors and all optional equipment.

Galaxy Aerospace C-38A Courier
Standard Series.  1/48th scale.  13.85" wingspan x 14.15" long.
  No. APE0D-S3.  Only $139.95
Galaxy Aerospace SP
Standard Series.  1/48th scale.
13.35" wingspan x 14.15" long.
  No. APE0D-S1.  Only $139.95
Galaxy Aerospace SPX
Standard Series.  1/48th scale.
13.95" wingspan x 14.15" long.
  No. APE0D-S2.  Only $139.95
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