Gates Learjet
    Airliners powered by jet engines had just begun to consolidate their value to airline transport service in 1959 when William P. Lear, Sr. initiated the development of the Learjet. His aircraft design soon demonstrated the combination of form and function that makes an outstanding performer. The first Learjets, the Model 23 Continentals, were the founding products of the original Learjet Corporation and pioneers in the entirely new field of business and personal jet aviation. As an example of this transportation mode, it represents the ability to cruise above most weather, over long distances, and at high speed. Whether the business jet operates as a small airliner or as a more personal independent aircraft, it permits the movement of passengers and small cargo to airports both large and small around the globe.

Gates Learjet 35A
Premier Series. 1/38th scale.  13" wingspan x 15.5" long.
  No. APD0D-PR.  Only $174.95
Gates Learjet 35A
Standard Series.  1/48th scale.
9.25" wingspan x 12" long.
  No. APD0D-ST.  Only $109.95
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