Panavia Tornado - 1974
      The Tornado was designed in the late 1960s as a multi-role combat aircraft able to carry heavy armament loads. It was developed as a collaborative effort by British, German, and Italian interests.  Despite its age, it is still one of the most versatile warplanes 
     The basic design included the use of two advanced turbofans offering a high thrust to weight ratio and good fuel economy. A fly-by-wire system, and advanced navigation/attack system incorporating radar with search, ground mapping, and terrain following capabilities adds to its defensive and attack capabilities. The Tornado also includes a variable-geometry wing system.
      The first Tornado IDS (InterDictor/Strike) aircraft flew on August 14, 1974 and entered service in July 1980. The IDS is operated by the RAF as the Tornado GR.1A reconnaissance and the GR.1B attack variants, as well as the German Luftwaffe and Marineflieger, and Italian and Saudi Arabian Air Forces with slightly different avionics.
Panavia Tornado - RAF
Premier Series.  Loaded with weapons.  1/36th scale.  15" wingspan x 18" long.
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Panavia Tornado - RAF
Deluxe Series.  1/48th scale.
12.15" wingspan x 14.85" long.
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Panavia Tornado - Luftwaffe
Deluxe Series.  1/48th scale.
12.15" wingspan x 15" long.
  No. AGW3D-D2.  Only $169.95
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