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Boeing 727
     The Boeing 727 was the first tri-engine jet airliner.   It was designed to provide jet luxury on shorter routes.  Although its fuselage is the same width as the 707 (and the later 737 and 757), the 727 could take off quickly and land at low speeds, making it suitable for smaller airports, those without runways long enough for a 707.  It was also efficient to operate.
    Boeing projected there was a market for 250 aircraft, but the plane proved so popular that it remained in production for twenty years. 1,831 were eventually delivered.  
     The 727, like all Boeing jetliners, was continually modified to fit the changing market.  The most popular version was the 727-200.  Introduced in December 1967, its fuselage was twenty feet longer than previous versions and could accommodate as many as 189 passengers.  1,245 were sold.  It was the was the best-selling airliner in history until surpassed by Boeing 737.  Over 100 airlines purchased them from Boeing.  Today many have been passed to other hands.  Some operate as cargo planes.

Boeing 727-200 - United Air Lines
Top quality model from our Premier Series.  1/100th scale.  Wingspan 14.5" x 18" long.  
  No. AAB3D-UA.   Only $194.95

Standard Display Models Shown Below

Same size as above.  1/100th scale.  Wingspan is 14.5" x 18" fuselages length.
Also carved from mahogany.  High-quality commercial grade finish.  Beautiful models.

Boeing 727-200 air passenger plane - American Airways Boeing 727-200 Continental Airlines
Boeing 727-200 - American 
  No. AAB3D-AM.  Only $129.95
Boeing 727-200 - Continental
  No. AAB3D-CT.  Only $129.95
Boeing 727-200 Northwest Airlines Boeing 727-200 Pan American Airways - PanAm
Boeing 727-200 - North West 
  No. AAB3D-NW.  Only $129.95
Boeing 727-200 - Pan Am
  No. AAB3D-PA Only $129.95
Boeing 727-200 Trans World Airways - TWA

Boeing 727-200 TWA - Transworld Airways

Boeing 727-200 - TWA
  No. AAB3D-TW Only $129.95
Boeing 727-200 - TWA - New Finish
  No. AAB3D-T2 Only $129.95
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